What I’ve Learned Since Joining Poshmark

A couple months ago I was talking to my girlfriend and made a joke that I was going to start selling my belongings in order to buy a plane ticket to Malaysia so I could see her. (If you’ve never looked into it, tickets to Malaysia are WTF expensive, no matter how far in advance you try to book one.)

But then I remembered I joined an app called Poshmark last year, which is basically just like a big online thrift store for name brand clothes, and I thought, “I could totally sell some shit!” I have unlimited free time, and a closet overflowing with crap I never wear. What started as a joke just to see what would happen has turned into an actual really good way to make quick cash without having to donate your plasma or pawn your mom’s television. I’ve been selling my clothes on the app for about a month, and so far I’ve made around $600, but I’ve also been using it as this weird social experiment. Along with the cash, here is some knowledge I’ve gained:

1.People will buy anything.
I’ve listed junky old tshirts that have sold. I’ve seen listings for socks that look like they need to take a bath in bleach that people have actually purchased. Bottles of old perfume with only a few sprays left? Yep, someone will buy those too… along with used lipstick. And panties.

2. Patagonia is king.
They don’t call it Patagucci for nothin’. So far my best sale was a Patagonia nanopuff jacket. It was a men’s large, and I bought it at a thrift store for $9.99 with the tags still attached. I listed it on posh for $80, and ended up selling it after negotiating the price down to $70. It sold about an hour after I initially posted it, but in that hour I had at least twenty different offers for it. And those super comfy but totally ugly Patagonia fleece pullovers? People fight over those. Especially if they have some kind of super bright print on them. I sold an old one with cigarette burns in the sleeve for $38. What the hell? Not going to lie though, I’m riding this bandwagon. They have super good quality stuff, and they’re a stand up company.

3. WTF is Lululemon?
Apparently it’s some kind of athletic apparel brand. Like yoga pants, and jackets with thumb holes and shit. But it’s also like the designer drug of the Poshmark world. People will buy leggings with the lulu logo on them for like $100. FOR LEGGINGS. That will, if we’re honest, probably never see a yoga mat, or a gym, or even a 5k. Are they really that much better than my Danskin yoga pants and sports bras that I bought on sale for $5 at Walmart? Someone tell me. Because I will NEVER spend that much for workout apparel.

4. People are just brand obsessed in general. 
The North Face, Victoria’s Secret Pink, some chick named Tory Burch… If it has a huge logo plastered on it, it’s going to sell quickly. The better quality, unbranded stuff gets overlooked. It’s kind of sad, honestly.

5. Some people take the app WAY too seriously. 
Poshmark has an “offer” feature, that allows a user to make an offer on anything listed. Some sellers get completely butthurt if someone makes an offer that isn’t to their liking. This leads them to post things like, “ABSOLUTELY NO LOW BALLING” in the item descriptions. Like, chill. It’s not that serious. And if some pimply teenager offers you $10 for a North Face hoodie, just sell it to her and make her day because everyone deserves a chance to have nice things.  Sellers will also flaunt their statistics in an attempt to draw in more buyers. I might be alone in this, but I think that’s annoying af. I’m doing just fine, and I’ve never had to tell anyone I’m in the top 10% of sellers, or only have a 1 day shipping time.  Again… CHILL.

6. Pilling is the devil. 
Before Posh, I was completely unfamiliar with the term “pilling.” For those not in the know, pilling is the term used when a sweater gets those little balls on it from being worn. People on Poshmark fucking HATE pilling. I’ve been asked 100 times, “Is there any pilling?” so I’ve just started writing “NO PILLING” in big obnoxious letters in my item descriptions. The only rating under five stars I’ve ever received was because a fleece had pilling. Relax, and shave it off with a razor like the rest of us.

7. People are generally not jerks.
I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that this stupid app functions like this weird little community of people who want cool clothes but also want money. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been honest and kind. I started sending little thank you notes in the packages with my clothes, and everyone has said something sweet about it. No one is a genuine asshole, so… that’s good I guess?

It’s weird, man. I never thought something I started as a joke would ever earn any kind of actual profit. But here I am, $600 closer to Malaysia. If Poshmark helps me kiss my girlfriend quicker, I’ll keep selling shit. Whatever.




One comment

  1. Charlotte Steggz · February 19

    I know another blogger who’s obsessed with the app. I’m not sure if it works here in the UK, but I’ve been selling stuff on eBay this week and I’ve not made that much money TBH. I should just give my stuff to charity shops.


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