Oh hi

Do you know what it’s like to wake up excited; fall asleep feeling safe?
Has anyone been able to say the right thing at the right time, every time?
If not, I hope you find that feeling.
There hasn’t been a day I haven’t thanked the universe for her.

It’s harder to write when I’m happy, isn’t that weird?
I can put all of my pain on display for everyone to see, easily,
But I want to keep this joy to myself.

Maybe because it’s such a foreign feeling,
Or maybe because I’d rather experience it than reflect upon it.
But if something happened, and I couldn’t be around to tell you,
know this:

I am deeply, wholly happy.
I know what it all feels like now.
I know all of my mistakes and struggles and moments of weakness brought me here.
To her.
To this moment.
To love, gratitude, and excitement.

The best bits.


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