Just imagine a rain cloud over my head as you read this.

Ok, it’s official, I am in some kind of weird funk.

I think it has a lot to do with my upcoming birthday, and Christmas.
Also the fact that I am lonely as fuck.
And probably also the whole, “knowing exactly where I want to be in life but finding it impossible to get there” thing.

There are things I need to talk about, but don’t have anyone to unload it all on.
My dog is a great listener, I just wish he would talk back.

I don’t know. I just hate December.



  1. daiseydropper · December 7, 2016

    December is the worst month!!
    Try and make the most of it though, I too am uncertain on who I am or where the fuck I stand in this world, so never feel alone.
    Always here for a chat,

    XOXO DaiseyDropper


  2. Charlotte Steggz · December 9, 2016

    I’m a complete stranger, but you can unload to me if you would like.
    I also go through bouts of loneliness, moreso in the run up to new years eve, which I never have people to spend with.


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