50 Things

That make me feel good! Let’s roll. 

1. Hazimah. Times 50.
2. When someone tells you to drive carefully. (Because it’s synonymous with “I care about you.”)
3. Taking a perfectly lit photograph.
4. My favorite song coming on the radio as soon as I start the car.
5. When Netflix adds a movie I’ve wanted to see forever, but forgot about.
6. When my best friend knows exactly what to say to make everything feel ok.
7. People who have my back.
8. The smell of the ocean.
9. Telling a perfectly timed joke. (Like when my boss at the lab stood up to speak at a meeting and said, “First thing’s first,” and without hesitation I said “I’m the realest.” in Iggy Azalea’s voice and we all laughed and laughed and laughed and rescheduled the meeting.)
10. Soft tshirts and comfortable hoodies.
11. Falsa blankets and ESPECIALLY those which just came out of the dryer.
12.When someone tells me I don’t look 30.
13. A warm bath after a long day.
14. A long shower when I want to cry.
15. Giving people compliments.
16. Drinking super. Cold. Water. Like, water so cold it almost hurts your throat when it goes down, and you can feel it all the way to your belly button.
17. Panda Express. Please don’t even judge me. I have a problem.
18. Documentaries that make you see something differently. Even if only a little bit.
19.Getting invited to things (yes, like 90% of the time I’m going to decline because I’d rather be in bed but I like to be invited and my true friends know this and understand.)
20. A really good day of work.
21. Iced coffee in the morning.
22. Figuring something out. Lightbulb moments.
23. Making new friends.
24. Finding shark’s teeth on the beach.
25. When someone knows you well enough to recommend a book/movie/band/song that is absolutely perfect.
26. Solitude. It’s so necessary for me sometimes.
27. Getting through a juice cleanse without cheating.
28. Learning something new and discovering I’m good at it. (Phlebotomy… who would have ever thought?)
29. The unbreakable connection I have with my dog.
30. Waking up on the first day of vacation.
31. The number 31. It’s my favorite, and I see it everywhere. It always leads to good things.
32. When someone knows what you’re thinking before you say it
33. Respect.
34. Days without worry.
35. Reconnecting with someone from the past.
36. Riding on a motorcycle, even though it’s a little scary.
37. Laying in the sunshine. Preferably by a beach.
38. Being immature, not taking myself too seriously, and being around others who can do the same.
39. Thunderstorms at night.
40. Laughing. I’m a firm believer there is NOTHING a good laugh can’t fix.
41. Exploring somewhere new.
42. The life high you get from a workout (Note: I do not feel this enough at all, because I am a sloth… but it’s still one of my favorite feelings.)
43. Food. Especially breakfast food. Waffles. Scrambled eggs. French toast. Brunch. Tacos. I love food so much.
44.Rediscovering something from my childhood (like Tahitian Treat, or bubblegum lip smackers)
45. Surviving something awful, and feeling strong.
46. Riding a wave into shore.
47. Getting a tan.
48. Hugs from behind. (Only if you are my girlfriend. If not, please don’t touch me I am not a hugger. Pretend I am lava.)
49. Back tickles and head massages. Oh my.
50. Love. Giving it, receiving it, feeling it, witnessing it, writing about it, obsessing over it, spreading it. Love all ways. Always.


One comment

  1. JoHawkTheWriter · November 16, 2016

    Nice list. The only problem I have with the beach and sun is I have two colors, fish belly white or lobster red. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the small things.

    Liked by 1 person

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