“It was so intimate, like we were already lovers.”
 -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Thank you for being silly with me;
making me laugh until I cry, or my face hurts, or both.
But also, thanks for never thinking I’m silly. Like when I’m bitching,
or stressing, or babbling on and on and on.
(I can’t help it, B. I want to tell you everything about everything. I want to know the same.)
And you also don’t mind if I don’t say anything at all, and I want to thank you for that too. Your presence in my life is calming.
Sometimes, I just need to know you’re there.

I will annoy you, and make you eye-roll,
and you will get so sick of my shit over and over and over again.
But I will love you fiercely.
I will encourage you, as you’ve done for me.
And I will never,
stop being proud to call you mine.

You deserve happy.
You deserve to feel all of the love you’ve sent out into the world returned to you.
I’ll never stop trying.


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