Supermarket Dreams

There is something sexy about
Going to the supermarket together.

Maybe because it’s usually late.
And we have the whole place to ourselves,
And I’m in shorts too short for the dairy aisle,
And you’re slouchy and sleepy after a long day at work.

Or maybe it’s the normalcy of it all–
You, discussing bananas,
While I run my fingers over the skins of bell peppers,
Trying to pick the best one.

You take a running start
And ride the cart down the coffee aisle
Where we play a quiet game of
Who can find the Cafe Bustelo first.

And there’s always a moment
When your hand finds the small of my back
And you pull me into you
As we contemplate Haagen Dazs.

You know, I would trade one hundred dinner dates
For one errand with you.
And I don’t ever want to go to the supermarket
With anyone else.


One comment

  1. Sibelius Russell · November 12, 2016

    I totally get this.

    Liked by 1 person

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