We Need to Talk About Women.

Initially I was going to title this post, “We Need to Talk About That Priest in Texas.”
You know, the one who posted a Facebook live video with what he claims was an aborted fetus sitting in front of him? The one who said, “America will not reject abortion unless it sees abortion,” before urging viewers to vote pro-life, for Donald Trump. I was going to write a post talking about how he has it all wrong, and how what he did was awful and disgusting. Then I realized that’s not what we need to talk about right now.

We need to talk about all of the women who saw that video. Women who, like me, have had an abortion. We need to tell those women they aren’t horrible, or selfish, or murderers. We need to remind women who are considering abortion right now that they have every right to be in control of what happens in their wombs, and that no matter what they choose, we will stand with them. We need to tell any woman who saw that fetus and was reminded of horrible memories of a difficult choice that she isn’t alone. That it’s ok to feel a little empty sometimes. That we are sorry.

There is nothing selfish or horrible about abortion. There is sacrifice, and courage. A woman choosing to have control over her body and her future is not something America should reject; it’s something America should embrace. It’s 2016.

But you know what is selfish?

Going live on Facebook with a fetus to promote your own agenda. Disrespecting the very “human child” you are shouting at women to respect more than their own bodies and desires. Forcing your opinion on thousands of people, and condemning anyone who doesn’t see things in the same light. These things are selfish. Almost childishly so.

I am pro woman, therefore I am pro choice. Pro choice does NOT mean pro abortion, but pro life does mean letting lawmakers (predominantly male) decide what women can and can not do with their own bodies.

So we don’t need to talk about this priest anymore. Let’s talk to women. Let’s protect them, fight for them, and keep their rights safe.


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