My 30 Day Plan

Spoiler Alert: There isn’t a plan. Not yet, anyway.

I’m going into National Blog Posting Month with so much positivity and all of the heart- eye emojis, but I know by the end of the first week I’m going to be struggling. There will probably be an abundance of content inspired by whatever song I’ve been listening to on repeat, random stories from my past that have nothing to do with anything, possibly some poetry? A movie review or two? Who knows.

I’ve never been a planner. I’ve purchased plenty of fancy agendas along with matching stickers and post-it notes and highlighters and pens that are way too expensive, but I lose interest in planning out my upcoming weeks after about 15 minutes of trying to do so.

I guess I’m forever going to be a girl who lives in the moment. Wish me luck.


Little Peps


I joined a talented, encouraging, and inspiring group of writers to do this NaBloPoMo business with. They’re the Cheer Peppers, but I’ve been calling them the Tiny Peps in my head. If anyone would like to join, it’s an open group and just full of all kinds of positivity. Check it out and join! I’m super exited to force myself to create for an entire month, learn more about total strangers, and share some stories.


This is an intimidating blank space; a fresh start after life tried to ruin me, but couldn’t. For a month, I’ll write one post everyday. Hopefully the act of doing so will help me remember what is important, or maybe it will simply be a release from the routine.

I have so much to say.